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On this February 2008 trip I went first to Guatemala and then to Costa Rica. This is the Guatemala page. 


Tikal is in northern Guatemala. It was the capital of a conquest state that became one of the most powerful kingdoms of the ancient Maya. From 200 -900 A.D. the city dominated much of the Maya region.


The ruins are one of the most significant sites of Maya civilization. Tikal comprises about six square miles with about 3000 structures.  Archaeological  excavations continue to unearth significant finds. Many structures are still not fully understood. 


We began in Antigua, a quaint city in the central highlands. Before going to Tikal we traveled to the countryside to Lake Atitlan. The lake is a mile high,  surrounded by prosperous villages.


 Costa Rica  is next.  click to view.

A temple, possibly used for human sacrifices. 

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