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Mike's Burial

HINSDALE NEWS   Sept. 26, 1935


Michael William Obach, 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Obach of Hinsdale, died at Malta in the Mary Survant Hospital, Sunday afternoon at 3 as a result of injuries suffered Saturday night near Hinsdale when he was struck by a car driven by Martin Brown, Postmaster at Meharry

    Young Obach was the driver of one of two trucks which were moving household property of the Obach family from their farm to Hinsdale, where they are moving for the winter so the children can attend school.  As the trucks neared Hinsdale, they stopped on the side of the road.  One truck, driven by the youth's father was on the outside of the road while that driven by the boy was on the inside.

  Young Obach had stepped out to crank his truck and was standing directly in front of it.  There were no lights in operation on his car, but there were headlights on the truck on the outside, according to Deputy Sheriff Charles C. Taylor, who made an investigation of the accident.

Brown, who was driving north on the road from Hinsdale, said he swung out for the lights of the truck which was on the outside of the road, not seeing that in front of which Obach was standing.  He struck the truck head-on, crushing the injured boy between the machines.  Obach suffered compound fractures of both legs and internal injuries.  He was taken to the Malta hospital at once.

Did he Die in Vain ?

Editorial on Mike's death

Mike is buried in Malta Montana, where he had died from his injuries.  With the help of Greg Kirkwood of Kirkwood Mortuary we were able to find the original funeral & burial records. They showed that the family paid for the funeral but not Mikes burial.  As a consequence, the county paid for the coffin and the burial.  As was the custom at that time, the county kept no cemetery plot records if they paid for the burial.  

There was a section in the cemetery reserved for such burials.  Some had stone markers but most did not. We found nothing for Mike.


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